Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Dragon Pharma?

Dragon Pharma is a well known by bodybuilders pharmaceutical manufacturer with a wide range of products (tabs and injectables) for muscles growth and strength. BUYDRAGONPHARMA Shop is an approved supplier of Dragon Pharma products. You are welcome to try us today. Place a small order.

Is Dragon Pharma Legit?

If you mean if the products we sell are genuine, yes they are and you are welcome to test them in a lab if you want and check us on DP website to see that are approved DP supplier.

Is Dragon Pharma steroids good?

Dragon Pharma makes good quality products which were tested by many buyers. The product contains what it says and it works as expected. You are welcome to try.

How to order from Dragon Pharma?

If you do not know what you need contact us with some stats and we will be happy to help with choice. Once you decided just click BUY NOW and follow instructions on screen :) is approved Dragon Pharma supplier?

Yes! You can check our website on Dragon Pharma official website:

How much shipping cost?

$50. One free reshipment is included here.

Are there countries where you do not deliver?

Yes. Australia, Afghanistan, Africa, Canada, New Zeeland, Singapore, South Koreea, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Finland, Philippines.

What payment methods do you have?

Please write a ticket to receive an answer to this question.

May I have some discount for first order?

Yes, we offer 15%off for your first order. It is worth mentioning that oder must NOT contain already discounted products. Place the order and write a ticket. Discount for new buyers is not applied automatically. If order is paid in crypto then instead of discount you will get cashback after order was paid.

What is the average arrival time?

In most cases package will arrive in about 2 weeks.

I paid and my order status is Semi-Paid why is that?

May be you did not pay attention to grand total on payment page where it calculates shipping and fees related to payment method you selected. If the difference is small you can add it with next order payment but write us a ticket please.

My order was lost what to do?

If the order did not arrive 2 weeks AFTER EXPECTED arrival time, we will reship one time for free. Write us a ticket.

I am happy with the service and products, how can I thank you?

Please leave a review on our site: Dragon Pharma Reviews Page or on Trust Pilot :) Thank you for using our services!

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